• Aftercare

    Cosmetic Breast Surgery Cardiff

Your well-being before and after surgery is very important to us. We endeavour to ensure you are fully prepared prior to surgery but also want you to feel secure and supported after surgery. Your comprehensive aftercare and follow-up are included in the cost of your surgery. Patients can be assured of 24-hour care from our Consultants and Nursing team.

We keep in close contact and encourage you to telephone our hospital nurses if you are worried at any stage. Our Practice team will telephone you if your procedure has been as a day case, to ensure that everything is going to plan.

We will usually see you routinely at approximately 7 and 14 days after surgery, 6 weeks, 12 weeks, 6 months and one year. You are welcome to see your consultant or our nurses at any other time between your routine follow-ups.

Wound Care

Most wounds have ‘sealed’ themselves after 2-3 days allowing you to get them wet in a shower by the day 7 depending upon the exact procedure you have undergone. You may still have some shower proof dressings on for the first week or so. Do NOT SOAK in a bath or go swimming until your wounds are fully healed (usually 14 days).

Physical Activity

Gentle exercise like walking over the first 7-10 days is to be encouraged. You can then build up to moderate exercise (cycle machine, longer walks) up to the fourth week. High impact exercise is usually achievable at six weeks. These rules for exercise are similar for sexual activity. Driving should be avoided until you are pain free and is usually for two weeks.


Avoid sun or tanning lamps on new scars for 6-12 months. The scars can be very sensitive and can darken. Cover them or use a high factor sun block.


Scars vary from person to person. Some of you will form thin white scars quickly while others will get thicker red scars that take many months to flatten. Once healed, massaging your scars with moisturiser twice daily is extremely helpful.