Brow Lift

  • Brow Lift

    Face Cosmetic Surgery Cardiff

A brow or forehead lift can be performed as an isolated procedure for the upper face, or as an adjunctive procedure to complement total facial rejuvenation. Horizontal lines on the forehead and vertical creases between the eyebrows (frown lines) can contribute toward a tired, sad, and angry appearance.

Additionally, hooding of the brow over the eye can block off parts of the eye itself. These factors contribute toward accentuating a much older appearance than your actual age.

A forehead lift can revitalize the entire face and make your face appear years younger by tightening and elevating forehead skin, creating a more well-defined shape to the eyebrows, softening lines, and opening up the eyes.

Mr Karoo will most often use an endoscopic technique to leave the minimal amount of scarring possible. The end result is a more revitalized and youthful contoured brow.